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"Ian has been an important and valued supporter of our project. He articulated a great vision for us to shoot for! His ongoing willingness to offer advice and suggestions was greatly valued."
Robin Inglis Director (Retired)
North Vancouver Museum and Archives


"Since 1996, I have had the pleasure of working with Ian on planetarium, museum and science centre commissions nationally and internationally. Ian's high standards of performance, skills in communication and facilitation, in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and predilection for exploring the uncharted are rooted in scholarship and vision. This man knows his business!"
Architect and Principal, Kasian Architecture
Interior Design and Planning Incorporated
Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver


"Ian led a workshop with the Minneapolis Planetarium staff and got them to think beyond their original vision of updating the facility, to considering two more ambitious options. The first was to create an attraction with state-wide reach, the second was to create a destination with regional reach. The latter has now become the most desirable from the client's point of view."
Juan Stoleson,
Architect, Minneapolis



"For professional guidance for the development of a planetarium, museum, science center, or any other high-content public attraction, it is hard to match the qualifications and performance of Ian McLennan. Experience and intellectual integrity inform his systematic approach to complex initiatives. His accessibility and good company make the long and difficult planning and design process less arduous and more effective. Griffith Observatory has relied on his thoughtful advice for over 20 years, and his involvement has been essential and intense since 1999, when design for Griffith Observatory's $63-million renovation and expansion began. There aren't many true planetarium experts, and even fewer have actually negotiated purchasing protocols for acquisition of all of the high technology a planetarium requires. Ian McLennan is a stand-out in that small company."
Dr. E.C. Krupp, Director,
Griffith Observatory
Los Angeles, California


"I have known Ian McLennan for over thirty years. Over all that time I've looked at Ian as a consummate professional and as a mentor and special friend. I know many others in Ian's remarkable world-spanning circle who feel about him the same way I do. His sensitivity and genuine respect enables him to facilitate thinking and planning with an ease of style that I find refreshing. Professionally, when Ian commits to getting a result for a client, he delivers. For the Calgary Science Centre, he always over-delivered because he made the process of getting to the result an enjoyable experience. With increasing globalization, Ian's world perspective adds immense value to his remarkable people skills during a planning process."
Bill Peters
Consultant, Calgary


"I have known Ian McLennan since 1969, both professionally and personally, and in both areas he counts in my book as a valuable asset. That's Ian's knack: his clients sooner or later become his friends! He is known throughout the world for his innovative and forward-looking projects - as well as a successful consultant to a wide spectrum of clients in all aspects of the planetarium and science centre business. In the past I have worked with Ian in the formulation of a concept for the new Eugenides Planetarium in Athens, Greece, a collaboration that has been very rewarding. On the personal aspects of my acquaintance with him, Ian has a cheerful personality, and in all the years I have known him he has exhibited a natural exuberance in practically everything he has attempted. He is dependable and responsible, in both his professional and everyday life. He is an intelligent man, hard working, industrious, and does not shy away from challenging tasks. He is goal-oriented, and sets reasonable objectives in pursuit of his goals. He has a healthy degree of confidence and self-esteem and is ready to stand by his convictions. In short, I find Ian an engaging and highly motivated individual who has the ability to undertake a wide variety of managerial tasks. He will certainly be a great asset in any project in which he may be involved."
Dionysios P. Simopoulos, Director
Eugenides Foundation Planetarium
Athens, Greece


"Ian has been around my world since 1997. He has proven to be an indispensable resource for me in all areas of my operation. He takes a personal interest in the Museum/Science Centre and goes way beyond the call of duty in offering up his considerable expertise. From governance and human resources, to project management and industry trends, his thoughtful advice and sharp insight have helped me through many tough spots. I consider Ian a friend and a mentor and am honoured that he has chosen to make a personal investment in me and my career. I could do without some of the photos he forwards to me but... it's a small price to pay to have such a trusted confidant."
Tracy Calogheros, Executive Director

The Exploration Place
Prince George, B.C.